Recap of Mythbusting Wikipedia: Misinformation , AI  & Volunteer!





Catch up on a recap post of Mythbusting Wikipedia: Misinformation, AI and Volunteers #LIW2023 #WheresTheSource event.


ALIA had a #LIW2023 chat with Belinda Spry, Executive Officer from Wikimedia Australia. Library and Information Week ran from 31st July – 6th August.


The Webinar had a

  • Introduction on Wikipedia (history, facts and bias)
  • Where’s The Source reliability of Wikipedia chat
  • Discussion on AI
  • Use of Wikipedia in schools (Wikipedia in classrooms) and universities (Wikipedians in residence in Universities).

Wikipedia started in January 2001 as a Free Encyclopedia. Wiki is a Hawaiian word for Quick. Wikipedia = Quick Encyclopedia.


  • Australia is the 5th most active Wikipedia editor in the world. (USA 1st, UK 2nd, India 3rd, Canada 4th)
  • Wikipedia is the 6th most popular viewed website in Australia. Wikipedia is the 5th most popular website in the world.
  • Wikipedia results will always pop up first in search engines – the Google info boxes are sources from Wikipedia.
  • Conversational AI on smart devices Eg. Hey Google, Siri, and Alexa; provide answers via Wikipedia.
  • Wikimedia Foundation’s international volunteer community has 700 staff. Wikimedia Australia hired two employed staff in 2022.
  • Wikimedia Australia works with Libraries, Museums, Galleries and Universities to provide training and support for editing and Open Knowledge Projects.

Reliability of Wikipedia:

Authoritative Sources – Where’s The Source?

  • Verifiable & reputable secondary sources for citations
  • Articles are flagged when viewed as problematic
  • Posts monitored for vandalism and misinformation
  • Community Peer-Review from a diverse group of volunteers


ALIA National (2023). Mythbusting Wikipedia: Misinformation, AI and Volunteers (Vimeo).






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