Continuing Professional Development ideas

ALIA Students & New Graduates

Professional Reading 💻📖

  1. Read current & past issues of ALIA INCITE magazine to stay updated on library news, trends & events..INCITE is a free magazine for #ALIAMembers.
  2. Subscribe and read ALIA’s Enewsletters for Public (ALIA News,ALIA Australian Public Library Alliance News, ALIA CYS Scoop, ALIA Health Library Australia Alerts, ALIA Schools Enewsletter) ALIA PD Postings (for ALIA Members)
  3. Borrow books/ebooks/e-audio bookd on Social media, Microsoft 365 , CSS, HTML or coding 
  4. Read about the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  5. Learn about User Experience (UX) how this supports accessibility on devises and websites
  6. Learn about Copyright from the Australian Copyright Council
  7. Learn about the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
  8. Learn about the best practices for Content Creation


Resume & Cover Letter, Library & Information Professional Tips 📝

  1. Have your resume reviewd by ALIA SNGG Resume Review Service. #ALIAMembers can have 3 FREE reviews a year.
  2. Visit ALIA SNGG Resume Review Service: Job Help Site for; Resume, Cover Letter, Selection Criteria, Interview skills and Transferable skill tips
  3. View ALIA Career Starter Kit Scheme recap posts on Job Roles & Descriptions, Identifying Opportunity, The Written Application & Interview via the SNGG blog.
  4. Visit ALIA’s Becoming a Library and Information Professional page to see tasks for; Librarian and Infomation Specialists, Teacher Librarians, Library Technicians & Library Assistants. What sectors they are a part of.

Customer Service Skills & Libray Experience 📝

  1. Join ALIA Students and New Graduates Group as an;  ALIA SNGG Social Media Coordinator (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  ALIA Students and New Graduates Group Site/WordPress Blog) or ALIA SNGG Regional Coordinator (ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA).
  2. Join ALIA Studentsand New Graduates Group as an; ALIA SNGG Resume Review Service Coordinator or ALIA SNGG Resume Review Service Reviewer.
  3. Attend the NLSX (New Librarians Symposium) or ALIA Library Technicians Symposium
  4. Volunteer at OZ Comic-Con, Metro Comic-Con and Supanova Comic Con and Gaming, to network with graphic novel/ comic/book writters and add to your customer service/teamwork & leadership skills in an event setting.
  5. Volunteer at a VALA – Libraries, Technology and The Future conference
  6. Participate in ALIA Group Events & Training. For FREE or paid to join Webinars & Physical events/training
  7. Discover library tips/advice on #ALIASNGGProfessionalProfiles #GLAMRProfessionalProfiles or #WednesdayWanders:QandA Twitter chat via the SNGG Blog.
  8. ALIA Professional Knowledge Domains – LIS Workforce Framework: Library Services, Library Management, Literacies & Learning, Technologies, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Contexts, Communities & Stakeholders , Research, Leadership & Management


Writting Skills  📝

  1. Write a guest blog for ALIA SNGG WordPress Blog
  2. Write an article for ALIA INCITE
  3. Write a book review for a library site or book image in an Instagram story/feed post

GLAMR Skills & Networking  📝

  1. Upskill your Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, One Note, Yammer, SharePoint and Teams skills with Microsoft 365 Training.
  2. Explore and complete Curtin University 23 Things. Learn about Video Editing, Visual Communication, Remixing, Internet Basics, Digital Security, The Cloud and Data.
  3. Volunteer in person or online with the National Archive of Australia. In person skills (Repackage records, Digitise original records, Describe records, Transcribe records and Index records) Online transcribe with arcHIVE.
  4. Become a digital volunteer with State Library NSW
  5. Become a Volunteer at State Library Queensland
  6. Become a Volunteer at State Library South Australia in person Tour Guide. Online: Transcribe TROVE collections, Oral History Tagging
  7. Become a Volunteer with State Library Victoria. In person: Tour Guide or Greeter. Online collections volunteer transcribing TROVE and correcting OCR text.
  8. Transcribe GLAMR collections with DigiVol
  9. Email a State Library, Museum, Specialist Library or Gallery for a professional practicum placement
  10. Learn about work experience at NGV.
  11. Become an intern or get work experience at Public Records Victoria
  12. Volunteer at PROV  or State Records of South Australia
  13. Join ALIA Mentoring Scheme and ALIA SNGG #GLAMRmatch
  14. Become a volunteer at Museums Victoria as a Public Programs (Front of house) or Collections & Administration Assistant (Back of House) Learning customer service, admin, data entry, cataloguing collection items, transcribing, object re-housing, digitisation, research and restoration skills.
  15. Discover Intern, Internship Programs and Higher Degree Research Programs  at Museums Victoria.
  16. Volunteer at Australia Museum to learn sorting, data entry, cataloguing, labelling, cross-checking, shelving, specimen identification & assist research.
  17. Internt with Australian Museum internship and Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI) internship programs