A group of people working together.

Are you interested in joining the ALIA Students and New Graduates Group?

Our #ALIASNGG Team are searching for #ALIAMembers Personal (Student, Associate and General) & Professional (LibTech or AlliedField) to join our ALIA SNGG Social Media Team.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • ALIA Students and New Graduates Group Site/blog

You may have seen our ALIA Students and New Graduates Group posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and this ALIA Students and New Graduates Group Site/Blog.  

Help ALIA SNGG share professional development upskill posts, GLAMR interviews, events and SNGG/ ALIA/ ALIA Group & library trend news as an ALIA SNGG Social Media Coordinator.

  • Grow your knowledge of social media.
  • Discover new creative design skills.
  • Work with a supportive & fun team who share the same passion for GLAMR.

Sound like you?

Email the ALIA SNGG team at alianewgraduatesgroup@gmail.com with a brief email to let the team know why you love social media & ALIA SNGG Social Media Team you wish to join.  


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