Students &
New Graduates

The ALIA Students and New Graduates Group provides a space for students and graduates to communicate with ALIA, ALIA Regional/Specialist Groups and colleagues from the GLAMR sector.  

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ALIA membership

ALIA Membership is required to get involved with ALIA Students and New Graduates Group. ALIA members with Personal (Student or Member) or Professional (Associate or Library Technician or Allied Field) are welcome to join. Find out more about the benefits of ALIA membership below.

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Are you ready to #GLAMRmatch 2024?

And just like that, another #GLAMRmatch arrives. GLAMRverse, are you currently studying a #LibraryandInformationService degree? Or have you graduated with a Library and Information Service degree? Whether you are new to libraries, learning to be a librarian or...

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ALIA National Conference 2024

RSVP Date: April 29th 2024 The 2024 Theme for ALIA National Conference is Truth and Dare. The ALIA National Conference provides an opportunity to network with other ALIA Members and GLAMR professionals. Here from t industry leaders and corporate partners on library...