NSWPLA supports freedom of access to information in NSW libraries.

New South Wales Public Libraries Association (NSWPLA) welcomes the swift action taken by the Minister for the Arts, John Graham MLC to advise Cumberland City Council that their recent resolution “to rid same sex parents book / materials in the Council’s library service” is in breach of the Library Council of New South Wales guidelines for freedom of access to information in NSW public libraries.

The NSW Library Act 1939, NSW Library Regulations and guidelines serve as a cornerstone for ensuring freedom of access to information which is a fundamental principle upheld by Council-run public libraries across the state. These libraries diligently work to curate collections that are diverse and comprehensive, reflecting the varied needs and interests of their local communities.

It is imperative for all councils to fulfill their obligations in meeting regulatory requirements and funding obligations, including those pertaining to public libraries. These institutions play a crucial role in providing equitable access to information and knowledge, and any action contrary to this principle undermines the fundamental values of our society.

NSWPLA stands in support of upholding the principles of freedom of access to information as outlined in the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) statement and encourages all stakeholders to work collaboratively to ensure that public libraries continue to serve as inclusive spaces for all members of the community.

NSWPLA recognises the important work that council-run public libraries across NSW undertake each and every day to provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds and identities to have the freedom to read and access information in safety and without judgement.


Romola Hollywood


NSW Public Libraries Association


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