LIS Courses and Qualifications (5/4/22)

by | Mar 22, 2022 | ALIA

This month ALIA NGAC wants to hear your thoughts and feelings on courses and qualifications. Tell us what you think is working and what you’d like to see done differently. We want to know if your LIS education is everything you imagined it to be and how well prepared you feel for the workplace!


  1. Are you currently enrolled in an LIS course or have you completed one in the past? If so, what course? What are your general thoughts on the course you studied?
  2. What are your feelings on formalised LIS qualifications generally? Are they necessary or do they simply provide good background knowledge? Do you feel that most skills can be learnt on the job?
  3. For those in LIS jobs or those currently studying, was there anything you wish your course had covered? Or anything you wish it hadn’t? Why?
  4. Do you feel that your LIS education prepared you for an information industry role? Or if you’ve chosen not to complete any formal LIS education, do you feel that has negatively impacted your career in any way?
  5. What other skills have you found to be useful that you’ve brought in from elsewhere? Have there been other experiences outside of formal qualifications that have helped prepare you for an information industry role?

Visit our SNGG Resources > Professional Development tab for a link to NGAC LIS Course and Qualification #AusLibChat Twitter Archive via NGAC Wakelet.


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