Catch up on our #aliasnggbookclub March – April Read Along!

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Week 5<br />
Before the coffee gets cold Tales from the Cafe question. Coffee cup.

Time flies when you are reading the #aliasnggbookclub book. Our Week 6 Before The Coffee Gets Cold Tales From The Cafe post arrives on Friday.

Catch up on the Week 5 discussion question:

Katsuki Kurata is ill. He plans on visiting the cafe 2 and a 1/2 years into the future to see his old girlfriend Asami. Kurata enlists the help of Fumiko, Asami’s friend to vist the cafe on a set date. With the condition to only bring her to the cafe if he has died.


Would you travel in time to make sure the person you loved was happily married and moved on after you passed?



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