In March, I visited Sydney, taking a few #librarytourism photos for ALIA SNGG.

The first library I explored was Darling Square Library in Haymarket, a two-story library located in the Exchange building, with a vibrant street art mural that welcomes you above the entrance to the building. The library opened its doors in 2019.

Japanese architect Kengo Kumo designed the library building to feature 20km of timber ribbons.

With winding bookshelves, pop-up reading nooks, a makerspace and space to read. The two makerspace dinosaurs are a must-see.

The second library I explored was the State Library of New South Wales.

Here are a few facts I discovered about the library:

  • The State Library of New South Wales started as a subscription library in 1820
  • The Mitchell Library Reading Room at the State Library of New South Wales – named after David Scott Mitchell in 1898 
  • On the floor of the Mitchell Vestibule is a marble map – a marble version of the Tasman Map of Able Tasman’s voyages.

The final library I visited on my #librarytourism Sydney travels was the UTS Blake Library, Ultimo. 

The UTS Blake Library is another library with an impressive reading room. The library covers three floors, with fun wall art of people carrying books. Discovering Katy B Plummer’s interactive Book Witch library display was a fun library element.

A few UTS Blake Library facts:

  • The library won in the category of academic libraries in the 2021 Australian Library Design Awards.

Post &  photos by ALIA SNGG National Secretary,  Rhodora Spring (March 2024).


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Mitchell Reading Room State Library NSW
Mitchell Reading Room balcony with books.
A corner of the Mitchell Reading Room with books.
A few of the Mitchell Reading Room at State Library NSW. Painting of a man on a horse.
Bust of William Shakespeare
State Library NSW library quote by Thomas Carlyle.


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