Catch up on ALIA Multicultural & ALIA Disability ALIA National Conference24 From Stereotypes to Empathy to Inclusion chat.

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We thank Joey Chung (ALIA Multicultural Group) & Amy Rake (ALIA Disability Group Convenor) for sharing your #ALIANationalConference24 presentation with ALIA SNGG.

ALIA Multicultural Group & ALIA Disability Group collaborated for their ‘From Stereotypes to Empathy to Inclusion How Diversity Can Bring Strength to the LIS Workforce as a pre- #ALIANationalConference 24 workshop on Monday, 6th May. 36 people attended the workshop.

What was the workshop about?

  • The workshop aimed to explore the topic of  diversity in the LIS workforce.
  • The importance of learning from the Multicultural and Disability sectors to strengthen inclusion in the LIS profession.

Topics explored included: 

  • What are hidden disabilities or unconscious bias?
  • What are the daily challenges/stereotypes that library staff from diverse backgrounds face?
  • Or those of us with hidden disabilities?
  • Or perhaps both?

The workshop had a “Put yourself in my shoes” role play game for attendees. Who were divided into groups to respond to two scenarios.

  • Scenario one: an attendee orders a drink from a café where English is not a proficient language (or any common languages between the attendees).
  • Scenario two: an attendee wears specially made spectacles, which simulates the experience of limited vision, and then searches for an item according to the other attendee’s instructions.

This was followed by a short video “Let’s Talk Diversity”.

Speakers included:

  • Ennis Chen (ALIA Multicultural eNewsletter Coordinator)
  • Emily Shumborski (ALIA VIC Group Treasurer)
  • Adiriene Rodrigues (Former ALIA SNGG Regional Coordinaror, VIC)
  • Amy Rake (ALIA Disability Group Convenor) 


In the video four library professionals speak about the benefits of diverse backgrounds for the library information sector workforce.

Questions discussed:

“What are the positive/ negative aspects of having a diverse background in the library sector?”.

“What are the common stereotypes (visible or invisible) towards disability and multiculturalism?” 

“What is the impact of these stereotypes on the workforce?”

“How can the library sector improve diversity, equity, and inclusion?”

Attendees futher shared their experience regarding diversity. Focusing on workplace, cultural and political influences that impacted diversity.



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