Are you an ALIA Member interested in joining an ALIA Special Interest Group?

ALIA Students and New Graduates Group invite you to join our group as the next ALIA SNGG Social Media Coordinator or ALIA SNGG Regional Coordinator.

Who can join?

ALIA Personal Member (Student or General Member)

ALIA Professional Member (Associate, Library Technician, Allied Field) *Graduates of ALIA are classed in the Professional Associate category.

ALIA Personal Member Student $95

ALIA Professional  Member cost: new Graduates and reduced $205.  Health care card holders can apply for the reduced $205 member fee.


What ALIA SNGG social media teams can you join as an ALIA SNGG Social Media Coordinator?

Facebook (If you have a Facebook page).


X/formally Twitter

ALIA Students and New Graduates Group WordPress Site/Blog


Interested in joining as an ALIA SNGG Regional Coordinator?

*Must be an ALIA Member & member of the ALIA State you want to represent. States Include: ALIA ACT, ALIA NSW, ALIA QLD, ALIA SA, ALIA Island (Tas), ALIA VIC, ALIA WA

ALIA SNGG Regional Coordinator Details & Responsiblities

  1. You are  an ALIA Member
  2. ALIA Students and New Graduates group do not have an ALIA SNGG Treasurer for paid events. We work with our ALIA SNGG Liaison Emily Wilson to promote physical/online ALIA SNGG events. ALIA SNGG Regional Coordinators will work/communicate with the ALIA SNGG Liaison, ALIA SNGG Convenor, ALIA SNGG Secretary and ALIA SNGG Social Media Team to create & promote ALIA SNGG physical/online events.
  3. To make events more accessible for students & graduates to attend we make events FREE. (If we have a physical ALIA SNGG meet up event the cost of food/drinks will be at the expense of the attendee not ALIA SNGG.
  4. ALIA SNGG Regional Coordinators will join the ALIA Group in the state they wish to be an ALIA SNGG Regional Coordinator for. They will liaise with the ALIA Group to represent ALIA SNGG at ALIA Group. This provides an opportunity for ALIA SNGG to collaborate with an ALIA Group at physical networking event.
  5. ALIA SNGG Regional Coordinators work/collaborate in a team via the ALIA SNGG Slack.
  6. ALIA SNGG Regional Coordinators will work with the ALIA SNGG Secretary to create images for the event to share on the ALIA SNGG Socials & ALIA SNGG Monthly Newsletter shared on the ALIA Students and New Graduates Site/WordPress Blog & LinkedIn page.

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All ALIA Members have access to our FREE ALIA SNGG Resume Review Service. Up to 3 times a year!



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