Congratulations to ALIA’s Distinguished Certified Professional Award recipients:

  • Lorraine Heller-Nicholls AALIA (DCP) from ALIA NGAC Group.
  • Michelle Lafferty AALIA (DCP)
  • Jane Cowell AALIA(DCP)Public Library
  • Michael Barry ALIATec(DCP) from ALIA Vic Group
  • Catherine Barnes AALIA(DCP
  • Robyn Lihou AALIA(DCP) LIS Practitioner

ALIA Student Awards:

Congratulations to ALIA’s Student Award recipients:

  • Kim Chalker (TAFE NSW, Newcastle)
  • Neda Ameghino (TAFE QLD, Brisbane)
  • Hannah Rose (Swinburne University)
  • Rochelle Crone (Swinburne University)

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