#ALIASNGGBookClub Week 2 Inkheart Discussion!

by | Feb 12, 2023 | ALIA, ALIA SNGG Book Club

Week 2: Secrets

Fantasy Fiction fans, this week’s INKHEART discussion focuses on secrets.

Last week we learned that Mo, aka Silvertounge, can read characters out of their stories with the power of his voice. Reading a copy of INKHEART to Meggie and his wife Resa, he brings characters from INKHEART into the real world, which causes Resa to disappear from their home and family into the INKHEART story.

Mo has always answered Meggie’s questions but has never spoken to her about INKHEART. He explains to Dustfinger that it is dangerous for Meggie to know about INKHEART.

Dustfinger decides to tell Meggie the truth about INKHEART and Capricorn, the dangerous character now in the real world with Mo’s book.


Is Mo a protective parent by not telling Meggie the truth, or is he a liar?



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