Review of Graduate Success: Monash Health Library’s Cadetship Program.

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This year we are looking at the way LIS (Library and Information Science) resumes are created in 2024. What are the guidelines students, graduates and ALIA Members need to know when you decide to apply for a library job in the #GLAMR sector?

We thank ALIA Health Libraries Australia (ALIA HLA) Convenor Gemma Siemensma ans ALIA HLA Secretary Michele Gaco for working with us to look at guidelines to assist Students , Graduates and ALIA Members looking at Health Library jobs in Australia. Thank you Michele for sharing a link to this JoHILA article.

If you need any advice at Monash Health Library Dandenong/Clayton take a look at chatting to former ALIA Students and New Graduates Group Twitter/X Social media Coordinator, Keren Moskal – Clinical Librarian/Education Lead Dandenong/Clayton. For advice on : systematic literature searches, research consultations, and advanced literature search training sessions.


The Article:

Graduate Success: Monash Health Library’s Cadetship Program (Wong et al, 2022) shares the experiences of three participants. The Monash Health Library Service focus on providing support and professional development for new health librarians via their Cadetship Program.


What do you get from joining the Monash Health Library Cadetship Program?

Skills to find a path into a health/special library environment.


Nga Man Wong: Library Systems Manager, Eastern Health Library

  • Collaborate and learn from specialist librarians in a team environment.
  • Add Professional Development
  • Learn leadership & listening skills

Saara Kakkonen: Clinical Librarian, Northern Territory Departnment of Health

  • The program acknoledges your reent academic qualifications.
  • Graduate Program is for a person interested in specialist, health or research libraries.
  • The position can be molded to your interests

Eunice Ang, Library Cadet Monash Health

  • Program will add to experience working if you have already worked/volunteered in other libraries.
  • Allows you to develop experience.
  • Learn customer service, collection access & discovery, advance seaching and research support skills.
  • Develop an insight into issues & challenges faced by health libraries.

What do you need to know?

  • IT knowledge & systems skills
  • Be able to embrace challenges



Wong, N. G., Kakkonen, S., Ang, E. (2022). Graduate Success: Monash Health Library’s Cadetship Program. JoHLIA Vol 3 No 3


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