ALIA QLD had the next Session from their Debunking Social Media Event on May the 30th.

Session 2 explored describing and explaining the benefits and issues of Social Media. The Session further explored how to use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for library Marketing and PR.

Part 1 explored Campaigns:

What are campaigns on Facebook & Instagram?

Paid Campaigns

  • Boosted Posts : Promoted posts to your Facebook feed
  •  Event Promotions: Paid Placement of Events on your Facebook feed
  •  Page Likes Campaigns: To Increase followers to your page
  •  Traffic (link) Campaigns: Take people to view a website or landing page

Part 2: Audiences

Custom Audiences:

  • Website Traffic Audiences are the people who have visited your website.
  •  Video Audience are the people who have engaged with Facebook/Instagram video
  •  Event Audiences are the people who have engaged with your Facebook/Instagram event
  •  Lead Form Audiences are completed on Facebook or Instagram finding data about an event
  •  Offline Activity Audience are the people who have interacted with you by phone or in person
  •  Facebook Page Audiences regularly engage with your page in comments & likes

Lookalike Audiences can include Interest Based Audiences  have the same interests in topics or groups. Feedback to understand who your audience are and what content they may be interested in viewing.

Part 3 explored types of Ads.

  1. Awareness : Are ads set to bring attention & reach to your post. Let people know an event is happening.
  2.  Consideration: Main post used by libraries. They are Traffic Campaigns that send people to view your website/ Facebook/Instagram , a page for more information/ page to register for an event. Engagement ads asking people to like, comment, repost, share or follow your page.
  3.  Conversion: An ad that makes a person click on your ad to view a product or attend a event. (More for businesses)

Ella mentioned you need to be aware of the audience you are creating a Campaign or ad for. 

Thinking about the type of images you create for Facebook or Instagram. Square format [carousel] posts at 1080 x 1080 pixles are the best for Instagram and Twitter posts. Facebook format [carousel] posts are 1200 x 628 pixles. LinkedIn format 1350 x 440 pixles.

Part 4: Explored Metrics. 

A demonstration on creating a Facebook Traffic campaign using Facebook Meta Business Suite: added to the chat.

Part 5: LinkedIn

Why use LinkedIn? To network with professionals in GLAMR sector & share industry focused articles/ events. Joining Library related groups and following library people you want to network with.

Part 6: Accessibility

How do you include ALT-Text to a Facebook post or video?

Facebook Video (Adding captions):

  • On Facebook, select “Create a Post,” then select “Photo/Video” and upload your video to Facebook.
  •  Select the ellipsis (…) button on the right corner of the video & select the option to “Edit Video”.
  •  In the video editor, click on the “Captions tab”; located on the right side of the screen. Select the “Generate button”. *Facebook uses auto generate captions that may not be accurate.
  •  Review and edit caption by clicking on the caption and removing any wrong spelt or unwanted ums or ahs.

Facebook Photo (Adding ALT-TEXT)

  • On Facebook, select “Create a Post“; then select “Photo/Video” and upload your photo to Facebook.
  •  Uploaded, then select the photo. 
  • In the photo viewer, select the ellipsis (…) button on the right cormer of the video. Select the option to “Edit Photo”.
  •  In the Photo editor, select “Alt Text ” (paintbrush icon button).
  •  In the Alt-Text dialogue box, add a description of the photo. Provide a short description of the image; for people with visual impairments viewing your post on a screen reader. Than Click “Save” or “Done“.


  1. Upload or film your REEL on Instagram.
  2.  In the Instagram editor, click (web version) of tap (Instagram app) on the “picture button”; this is the “sticky note smiley face” on the left side of your screen.
  3.  Select “Captions” button. Instagram will Transcribe your captions, but you will need to review your captions for accuracy.
  4.  Tap/Click the center of the screen to review and edit transcribed captions.
  5.  Review the captions and select “Done” than “Next” to add hashtags and a cover to your REEL.
  6.  Tap/Click to share REEL.

LinkedIn Photos:

  • Create a post and select “Upload” to add photo you want to add alt text to.
  • Hover your mouse over the photo thumbnail select the pencil icon to display the editing options.
  •  In the “details” section, you will find the “Alt Text” option.
  •  Enter a detailed description to the post
  •  Save and Publish.

Check out ALIA QLD Debunking Social Media Workshop 2 link via YouTube.


ALIA QLD (June 1, 2023). ALIA QLD Debunking Social Media Workshop 2 (YouTube Video), YouTube.

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