ALIA SNGG Qld invites you on a magical quest to discover how to unlock the magic of your transferable skills and use them wisely to forge your library career!



What is Librarians & Dragons?

Librarians & Dragons is an action packed transferable skills workshop. It brings together ideas and concepts from role playing games, such as dungeons and dragons and escape the rooms, to offer a different way of viewing our professional identity and professional development. It has been designed to help identify skills you already have and how you can transfer these skills to your own profession in a fun way!

Librarians & Dragons is perfect for students and new graduates wanting to break into GLAMR and also for those who want to make an upwards, sideways or zigzag move in their career but aren’t sure how.

You can learn more about Librarians and Dragons here.


Librarians & Dragons bursary

ALIA SNGG is offering a bursary for one student or new graduate wishing to attend Librarians & Dragons.  Simply tell us how you think attending Librarians & Dragons will help you on your GLAMR career quest!  Your submission can take any form you choose – a short written piece, a blog post, a video, a comic, a short zine – anything you like!  We’d love to be surprised by your creativity!

Send your submission to by Monday 13 May 2019.  The lucky winner will be contacted on Wednesday 15 May 2019.

You can book your place for Librarians & Dragons here.  Please email if you have any questions!


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