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Thank you to Informit for sharing the Research Initiatives and Informit Explore at ALIA 2024 presentation from the ALIA National Conference 2024 with us.

Laki Sideris, Head of Product, Informit #ALIANational24 presentation was about Informit.

A brief history :

  • Has the largest collection of Australian and New Zealand books, journals and grey literature
  • Informit began as a part of RMIT University Library in Melbourne 30 years ago.
  • Stategically works on 3 pillars: sustainability,customer service & community (focusing on First Peoples)
  • Mission to promote Critical Thinking
  • 24,000 Open Access Resources

Commitment to promoting the achievents of indigenous scholars. Building strong relationships with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. They do this by:

  • Kummargii Yulendji Symposium
  • Amplifying First Nations Research
  • Supporting Indigenous studies Publishers

Laki further spoke about their YouTube series Indigenous Scholars You Should Know.

Explore the Informit Showcase link for more information from the presentation.


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