For November #AusLibChat, we will talk about finding and starting a new Library and Information Services (LIS) career. A quick look shows the main paths include Libraries, Records Management, and Information and Knowledge Management. There are many exciting specialisations within the LIS sector, as well as other “non-traditional careers” where LIS skills are an asset. Where are you in your LIS career? Let’s share. Maybe your journey will inspire others in their search. 

Join us for our next chat on Tuesday 2 November at 9pm AEDT.


1. Where and how did you start your LIS career?

2. Does your role in the LIS field match what you expected before starting out? Did you have any misconceptions about the industry?

3. What career strategies are important for a successful LIS career?

4. What do you think are the key issues in relation to entering or switching directions within the LIS sector?

5. What advice do you have for someone who is thinking about starting a LIS career?

Visit our SNGG Resources page for a link to the NGAC Finding and Starting an LIS Career#AusLibChat Twitter Archive via NGAC Wakelet link.


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