ALIA QLD shared the final Debunking Social Media Workshop 3 with Ella Doyle from Social Cut. 

Session 3 provided an overview of the skills learned in Session 2 with a discussion on how participants have used social media. What worked well for library marketing and events? What did not?

First up was Instagram.

Viewing the Insights on Instagram and Facebook.

The place you will discover your Instagram page audience engagement. In Overview, you can click on any image posted to your feed or stories to see what content works well.

Facebook was next.

To view Facebook Insights, you use Meta Business Suite. 

How do you create a sample report for Social Media?


  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Comments 

Facebook: Page Followers, Page Reach, Page Likes and Page Visits

LinkedIn: Page Followers, Page Engagements, Page Visits, Page Views 

Twitter: Page Followers, RTs, Likes, Post Engagement

How do you make a Campaign?

Explore Social Media Today for tips on learning Social Media skills.

The final part of the Workshop explored ways to use images, Instagram polls and reels to promote your events.

A good tip if you are creating an event on Instagram, you can use Instagram polls in stories to promote the event during and before the event.

Twitter polls are a great way to get an idea of the type of content your library or followers are interested in. Adding a tailored hashtag to your poll will get engagement in your social media pages and events. 

If you are looking for a way to add followers to your page?

On Instagram:  

  • Like, comment and engage with the people who follow you
  • Follow GLAMR industry leaders and GLAMR people/places. 
  • Repost library and GLAMR content to your stories

On Facebook:

  • Create events
  • Encourage people to share and join your events.
  • Follow and Like GLAMR pages and people


ALIA QLD (July 12, 2023) ALIA QLD Debunking Social Media Workshop 3. (YouTube).

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