Collaborations are great, and ACT SNGG had a fantastic time with ALIA URLs putting together this year’s Midwinter Dinner.

As it is ALIA’s 80th Birthday this year, it was agreed that a venue that had a 1930’s feel would be amazing and we were lucky enough to book the historic Hyatt Hotel. On top of a great venue, we had a birthday cake, trivia and everyone came in their best 1930’s outfits. The highlights of the night for us were picking a best dressed and hearing Sue McKerracher’s speech, in which she was a Director visiting the colonies and giving library staff a motivational talk. The following is a short extract from Sue’s speech, she suggests reading it with an upper crust English accent :

“My lords, ladies and gentlemen, this is Daphne Snodgrass, of the Department for Understanding Networks and Information (or DUNI as we like to call it), travelling through time and across continents to be with you here this evening.

It is my pleasure to be representing the Old Country, and indeed the Empire, here in Can-berra, Australia. I so like to visit these outlying little Colonies and while there is much to applaud, there are significant errors which it will be my delight to point out this evening.”


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