ALIA SNGG 2023 UpskillThursday Poll.

by | Jan 21, 2023 | ALIA, ALIA Resume Review Service (ALIA RRS) and Job Help Site

This year the ALIA SNGG Social Media Teams are looking at new ideas on our ALIA SNGG Social Media channels.

In December 2022, the ALIA SNGG Twitter team created a poll to ask you what content you were interested in for their #UpskillThursday.

Your votes are now in. You wanted us to post more:

  • Professional Development
  • Selection Criteria
  • Resume Tips
  • Social Media Skills
  • More ALIA SNGG Events/ Webinars

If Resume Tips are something you want to revise in 2023, the ALIA SNGG Resume Review Service: Job Help Site is the place to go for links on:

  • Selection Criteria tips
  • Cover Letters advice
  • Resume tips
  • Interview advice

If you are an ALIA Member (Student, Technician or Personal Member), you can have your Resume Reviewed by the ALIA SNGG Resume Review Service up to three times a year – for FREE.

Follow this link to the ALIA Resume Review Service for more information on how to have your Resume reviewed.

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LinkedIn Poll for ALIASNGG Upskill Thursday.
ALIA SNGG Poll on what posts to share in 2023.


  • Selection Criteria Tips 33%
  • Professional Development 33%
  • ALIA SNGG Events/Webinars 33%
ALIASNGG Twitter Poll for #UpskillThursday.
ALIA SNGG ALIANewGrads #UpskillThursday Twitter poll.


  • Social Media Skills and Resume Tips 33.3%
  • Cover Letter and Selection Criteria Tips 16.7%


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