12 Days of GLAMR Wrap Up

by | Dec 21, 2018 | ALIA, Social events

the wrap up!

Ho, Ho, Hold your likes like heart ! They’ve all been tallied, the game has concluded, and winners have been announced!

This year’s 12 Days of GLAMR game presented a fresh challenge for our participants, who were tasked to create a Christmas card using non-Christmas imagery. Thinking caps were donned and creativity flowed, as did the entries. And much like those Christmas cracker jokes rolled up inside paper crowns, puns were prolific!

Book voucher prizes and glory went to;

@BiblioEll in 1st place 

@BiblioEll merged her medieval history knowledge with her GLAMR world to create a masterful Silent Knight entry.

@miss__morticia  in 2nd place

@miss_morticia captured all the fun from ALIA New Grads (VIC group) Christmas picnic to convey lots of seasonal goodwill.

@KelDann9 in 3rd place

@KelDann9 rallied lovers of cats, puns, sparkles and colour to take home 3rd place.

If you missed any of this fun, or would like to see the other fantastic entries, you can see how it all went down on twitter here.

Congratulations and well done to all who entered for getting into the spirit of the game. Meowy Christmas!


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