Characters of Six Of Crows. (L - R) Inej Ghafar, Kaz Brekker and Jesper Fehey.
For Inej and Nina to enter the Ice Court undetected, Inej suggests Nina and her enter the Ice Court as a part of the Menagerie. With Nina’s Corporalnik abilities, she can tailor Inej and her appearance. How do you feel Inej felt having the Menagerie peacock feather tattooed on her again and meeting Tante Heleen (the woman who branded Inej with the Menagerie tattoo) in Chapter 33?
Week 5 – Six Of Crows Question:
Do you feel that Matthius opinion of Nina* changed after travelling together after surviving the shipwreck?
Nina is a Corporalink Grisha soldier. With Heartrender and Tailor magic skills.


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