Interview Skills

Lets do this!

Well folks, we pulled it off again this year on Sep 1 with record-breaking crowds coming along to hear pearls of wisdom from our sparkling selection of speakers.

First up we has Eva Samaras from the Public Records Office Victoria.  With her design background, Eva takes personal branding to a whole new impeccable level, check this out!  Eva put the emphasis on attention to detail ahead of an interview, researching the company, and focusing on the key selection criteria and practising examples.

As a member of the ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee, Eva gave a shout out to #auslibchat which for those who don’t know is a very active twitter forum which discusses loads of topical library related issues.  All welcome to follow & join in the fun!

Next up we has the effervescent Clare Carlsson who was kind enough to give us her time despite being in her first week as Director of Client Services and Deputy University Librarian at Deakin University.  Clare’s candour was refreshing for all as she has been part of many interview panels in her career and knows what she likes and doesn’t like.  The take home messages?  Look sharp!  Show your spark, your enthusiasm and what makes you special.  Draw on all of your experience in your examples and don’t sell yourself short by cutting out important details from your CV just to get it down to one page.

Last but certainly not least our own National Co-convenor Ellen O’Hehir took the floor.  Having worked very hard indeed to get to her position as Acting Subject Librarian, Pharmacy, Monash University she had great advice for the audience. Her top tips were:

  • Its all in the preparation, practising interview questions with friends and family will be a big help
  • Be confident, don’t panic, have a great handshake, use body language to your advantage!
  • STAR it!  Situation, Task. Action, Result.

Thanks again and again to our wonderful speakers who made it such a great night!

Emily, Jess & Sophie


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