Tafe Queensland Libraries ‘Don’t Stop belevin’ The Journey webinair was on March 30th.

Presenters in the webinar included:

Angela Orth

Tanya Mohr

Randelle Best

Chris Norlander

Tara Poussard

Trish Hepworth led the discussion with presentations by

Angela Orth – Library Network Manager for TAFE Queensland Libraries. 

Angela reflects on how TAFE Queensland Libraries “journey” started as individual regional groups. 

  • Recognition of TAFE libraries at executive levels and general levels
  • Combined budgets to support TAFE libraries provided students with material

TAFE Queensland Libraries achieved a library network strategy. 

Angela stated that it does not matter where you live, how you study, or what your socioeconomic status is.

Tanya Mohr TAFE Queensland Libraries – Library Client Services Manager.

Tanya reflected on how TAFE Queensland Libraries started by evaluating the positions of the staff and the staffing structure inherited from them.

One of the changes was introducing Team Leaders to work with Client Service Managers. The Client Services Managers had 45 – 50 people. They added another layer to support the Client Services Manager – which started as one position that moved to four supporting different TAFE Queensland Regions.

  • 2 Brisbane
  • 1 Gold Coast and South West
  • 1 North and East Coast

During Covid, they implemented Library Live Chat and an Ask a Librarian service. 

  • Now Provide online classes via Zoom with screen sharing with Library Live Chat.
  • Ask a Librarian service works on a roster.
  • Library Live Chat runs from 8 am – 8 pm on weekdays and holidays 8 am – 4 pm.
  • 24-hour turnaround for Ask a Librarian.
  • Asses the library spaces working with Library Design Consultant Kevin Hennah to design library spaces Eg. Mt Gravatt, Cains Library Alexandra Hills (shelving on wheels), Pimlico, and Toowoomba (silent study space). 

Randelle Best – Copyright and Licencing Manager at TAFE Queensland.

Discussed TAFE Queensland’s Education Licence: Statutory Text and Artistic Licence (Copyright Act s113P)

Provide Copyright advice, training and support for teachers and best practice resources on TAFE Queenslands Sharepoint. 

Chris Norlander – Library Learning Services Manager.

Focused on Key Challenges:

  • Consolidation and Management of Collections
  • Identify disparities in collection quality (currency and relevancy) across the state.
  • Equity of access to resources (Providing Online Information Literacy instruction videos for the diverse needs of users (Eg. Study, Reference and Research skills)

Chris had a brief discussion on his future focus.

Tara Poussard – Virtual Services and Resources Manager.

Tara explored how the Virtual Services and Resources team moved all physical resources to one integrated library system.

  • Created a discovery layer and inclusive library website
  • Creating templates for subject guides.


ALIANational. (March 30, 2023).  TAFE Queensland Libraries – Don’t stop believin’: The Journey (YouTube)


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