Review of NGAC Twitter

by | Apr 26, 2017 | NGAC

About the review

During 2014 to 2016, we undertook a review of our Twitter account @aliangac.

We did this review to:

  • better understand our usage of Twitter
  • determine if our tweets engage with library and information services (LIS) new professional and student members and reflect their concerns and interests
  • identify opportunities where the committee could improve our online engagement in terms of both content and work processes.

We collected information about our tweets and followers by using social media analysis tools and conducting an online survey. Many thanks to everyone who assisted us by completing the survey!

Then we produced a report on the review and our findings which were presented to the ALIA Board in early 2017.

Read the full report:


Through the review it was discovered that our Twitter audience is not looking for fun kitschy posts, instead they prefer original and personal content that engages and also aligns with the voice of ALIA.

The review also revealed that our followers are seeking in-depth professional discussion and information that explores Australian library and GLAMR news, current events and employment issues.

Next steps

Using the information and insights gained from the review, NGAC has prepared a number of recommended actions including the following (see the report for the full list of recommended actions):

  • foster an appealing and accessible LIS online professional discourse by continuing to lead and promote #auslibchat
  • improve content scope and follower engagement by starting discussions, improving the quality of Twitter replies, addressing follower concerns and tweeting on a more personal level.

We hope the insights we gained by conducting the review will help us to better engage with our Twitter audience as well as forge a valuable online presence for LIS new professionals and students.


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