Looking to land your first library job? Preparing yourself for your next career move or a promotion? Need some advice on how to communicate your skills to employers? Yes?


Take this fabulous opportunity to have a LIS industry professional review and provide feedback on your resume. We all want to place our best foot forward when presenting ourselves to prospective employers. That’s why our resume is such an important document, and one that deserves a lot of care and attention throughout our career. A well presented resume may give you that edge, a fighting chance, place you above the rest when it comes to applying for that next career move you’ve been eyeing off!


Where:State Library Cafe, Southbank, Brisbane

When:Saturday, 14th May, from 10am


Here’s what you do: –

  1. Submit your RSVP and Resume to me via email (acrystelle@gmail.com) by Saturday, 7th May.
  2. Receive your appointment time.
  3. Meet with your reviewer at your appointed time and receive valuable feedback and advice!
  4. Apply feedback and have more confidence in your resume.

Appointments will run for approximately 15-20 minutes each.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me – acrystelle@gmail.com.




Alisa Howlett

ALIA New Graduates Group QLD

Co ordinator


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