The ALIA Disability Group hosted a webinar about the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program. Did you know that 80-85% of people with disabilities have a non-visible disability? The sunflower is a discreet way for people with non-visible disabilities to get support when and how they need it. 

This webinar is a helpful resource for students and new grads who want to learn more about accessibility and the Hidden Disability Sunflower program. It may start conversations with coworkers and management at their organisation about the benefits of awareness training and joining the Hidden Disability Sunflower program. It is also very useful content for any students and new grads who might be interested in learning how a successful project like this is implemented from start to finish. 


Amy Rake, Convenor, ALIA Disability Group

Amy Rake opened the webinar with Acknowledgement of Country, and an Acknowledgement of the strength, resilience, and lived experiences of people with disabilities, and their family members, carers and supporters. 

Sue Hutley, Bond University Library (MC) 

Sandee Facy, Head of Business Development Aus/NZ

Sandee Facy gave a brief overview of the history of Bayley House and the Hidden Disability Sunflower program. The program is a globally recognised initiative and a powerful communication tool. Sandee Facy outlined the process and benefits for organisations joining the program. Subscriptions include awareness training, supporter products, promotional materials and online resources. 

Paul Power, Wodonga TAFE & Hidden Disabilities Development Consultant

Paul Power discussed his experience implementing the Hidden Disability Sunflower program at Wodonga TAFE. Paul’s presentation gave insight into the steps and challenges of setting up a new program in a large organisation. Paul outlined how a subcommittee group was created, coordinated across teams and with senior management, developed an implementation guide, trained all staff across the entire organisation, involved key stakeholders, and how the program was launched to staff and students. Paul also discussed student responses to the program. 

Bec Muir, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Department of Deakin University

Bec Muir is a doctoral candidate based at Deakin University researching in invisible disabilities. Bec has also been involved in implementing the Sunflower program at Victoria University, and soon at Deakin. Bec Muir shared tips gained through her research and experience implementing the program. One of these tips was to use the PICK (Prepare, Investigate, Connect, and Kudos) framework to deeply consider what your organisation is communicating, and how it can support people with hidden disabilities using the Sunflower. 

Thank you to the speakers and ALIA Disability Group


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