What is AI?

Catch up on ALIA’s AI and the challenging face of information literacy Navigating the complexities of a digital word Webinar.

ALIA CEO Cathie Warburton was joined by panelists Jing Su (doctoral student at the News and Media Research Centre, University of Canberra) Fiona Bradley (Director, Research and Infrastructure (Library) at UNSW Sydney) and Dr Kay Oddone (Lecturer and the Course Director of the Master of Education: Teacher Librarianship at CSU).

Topics discussed in the webinar cover reliability, copyright, data governance, environmental impacts, ChatGBT, privacy, misinformation & bias.

With questions on DALL E and AI apps that are used to change your appearance into art.

What happens to the images we upload to AI apps on social media? Do artists, musicians and authors receive acknowledgements for content used in AI apps?

The ALIA Blog page has a resources list of book recommendations, tools, resources and podcasts that explore the topic of AI.


ALIA. (2023, February 22), AI, libraries and the changing face of information literacy [Video]. Vimeo

ALIA (2023) AI and the challenging face of information literacy. https://www.alia.org.au/Web/News/Articles/2023/2-February-2023/ALIA_Blog_AI_Libraries.aspx

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