Recap ALIA VIC – On the Subject of Headings.

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ALIA VIC Group On the Subject of Headings event was held at the PMI Victorian History Library and streamed to ALIA VIC’s YouTube channel on October 29th.

Event speakers included:

Event speakers explored controlled vocabularies , Subject Heading bias & cataloguing challenges.

Clare spoke about the creation of the Homosaurus Vocabulary Site and issues with book challenges

Renata spoke about the SCIS process for making subject headings.  A process with 4 cycles a year with recomendation by SCIS End Users, SCIS Management & Catalogues. 

Anthony spoke about  the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATIS) AustLang Collection. Exploring the 650 classification Library of Congress term change in 2018 working with the National Library of Australia to AusLang  to be classified under the 041 Language Code.


ALIA silver pins were given to:

  • Ellen Coates – ALIA Silver Pin, ALIA VIC Co-Convenor, Collections Librarian and Volunteer Coordinator at the PMI Victorian History Library
  • James Baker – ALIA Silver Pin, ALIa VIC Co-Convenor, Librarian at the Melbourne Athenaeum Library &  ALIA Graphic Novels & Comics, Secretary & Collections and Resources Coordinator.
  • Michael Barry – ALIA Silver Pin, ALIA VIC Secretary
  • Timothy Gillis-Jones – ALIA Silver Pin, ALIA VIC Treasurer
  • Jade Koekoe – ALIA Silver Pin, ALIA VIC Social Media Manager
  • Iurgi Urrutia – ALIA Silver Pin, ALIA Graphic Novels & Comics, Convenor


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