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by | May 18, 2011 | NGAC

You know about the ALIA New Graduates Group (NGG) – social events, online discussions, networking and professional development – but what about the ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC)? While NGG is the public face of events and communication for new graduates, NGAC works behind the scenes to develop policy, recommend services and review activities and issues within ALIA, and the LIS sector that impact on new generation professionals. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty, or to rile feathers; NGAC is all about action and change!

Some of Australia’s most high-profile LIS leaders have been directly involved with NGAC (and its predecessor, NGPAG) over the years: Kate Davis (QUT lecturer and in-demand keynote speaker), Kate Sinclair (out-going member of ALIA Board of Directors), Steve McQuade (NLS5 Committee Convenor), Fiona Bradley (Action for Development Through Libraries Programme Coordinator, IFLA), and Sue Hutley (ALIA Executive Director), to name but a few.

NGAC is the ideal forum for strategic thinkers and action-oriented problem-solvers. If you can see opportunities and/or issues affecting new professionals in ALIA, and/or the LIS sector, I strongly recommend you apply to join the New Generation Advisory Committee. NGAC is a unique vehicle not only to have your ideas heard and to effect change at a national level, it’s also a great opportunity to develop high-level policy and project management skills way beyond those usually on offer to early-career professionals.


NGAC membership gives the opportunity to:
● Challenge and be challenged
● Develop networks up, down and across the profession
● Engage in leadership and collaboration to enact change
● Work closely with a team of like-minded peers
● Develop skills in project management, leadership, policy development, planning and budgeting

Essential Criteria/Skills:
The successful candidate/s will:
● Be an Associate member of ALIA
● Have qualified in the last 7 years
● Possess knowledge of the needs and experience of new generation professionals
● Have demonstrated ability to work in teams
● Possess excellent communication skills
● Be self motivated and committed
● Have demonstrated creativity and/or effectiveness in problem solving

Position expectations
You agree to:
● Meet monthly via phone conference
● Take minutes on a rotational basis
● Contribute to the projects and planning of the committee
● Fulfill actions and reporting responsibilities
● Act ethically, professionally, and positively when representing ALIA in events and communication, especially in regard to confidentiality

To apply to join the New Generation Advisory Committee:

Send your CV and 100 word statement in support of your expression of interest to: (remove nospam), no later than: 1 June 2011

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about being an NGAC member please feel free to contact the Chair, Vanessa Warren ( – remove no spam).

For information about the working of any of ALIA’s Advisory Committees, please contact ALIA Executive Support Officer, Sue Hutley ( – remove nospam)


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