Whilst I feel ashamed that I can’t boast a beard as magnificent as Felix’s, I have attached a photo (left).

Here is my bio from the ALIA page

.Isobel graduated from the Diploma of Information Management at UTAS in 2008 after a few years in the vocational wilderness. Since then she has worked in a variety of libraries, including the State Library of Tasmania, the University of Tasmania Library and the Tasmanian Parliamentary Library. Her current role is Manager of the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Arts Library in Hobart.

Being a librarian satisfies her thirst for knowledge; being a library manager satisfies her lust for autonomy (read: power). Of particular interest is the high level research that comes with special library work. Educational development work at the University of Tasmania also encouraged a professional interest in developing and delivering training. Through her wide variety of work experiences Isobel has developed a network of professional contacts and hopes to be able to capitalise on this to benefit Tasmanian New Graduates.

Another interest is work/life balance: in her spare time, Isobel enjoys reading, keeping fit, travelling with her husband and navigating Clint Eastwood’s back catalogue.

Please do get in touch with your ideas for a get-together for Taswegian New Graduates. isobel.clark@development.tas.gov.au


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