Well, that month is coming up… November, which is the month of remembering stuff on the 5th and the 11th. And the 6th… I think. And I’m sure there was something happening on the 10th. But ANYWAY, it’s also the month of Movember, where people all over the world grow facial hair to raise money for mens issues, particularly prostate cancer and depression.

And so, we put the call out to all you guy-brarians out there. Become a Mobrarian! Join us! The more we have on board, the merrier!

Or if you’re of the non-facial-hair-growing persuasion, then encourage your local guy-brarian to take part, and then support him! Or you can sponsor the Mobrarian Team with a donation! Every dollar counts!

Stay tuned, over at the Mobrarians Blog. and become a fan over at the Facebook Page. There will be progressive photos, and it could get quite ugly…


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