Copy of #auslibchat Twitter_Wordpress TEMPLATE Visit the Resources > Professional Development tab on our SNGG Site for NGAC: Library Futures & Staying Relent  #Auslibchat Twitter chat archive. Click on  via Wakelet. The questions were: Q1. What trends or changes have impacted your GLAMR role or workplace in 2018? Q2. How do you stay well informed of future GLAMR trends or sector developments? Q3. What changes need to be prioritised to better service the information needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples? Q4. What key concerns and hopes do you have for the future of the GLAMR sector? Q5. Things are changing in the GLAMR sector – what’s one thing we should hang on to and one thing we should leave behind? Thanks for all your support in 2018. We’re taking a short break in January, but we look forward to seeing you from February 5, 2019 for a series of Truth, Integrity, Knowledge (TIK) campaign #auslibchats.


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