resume-review-photo-1A couple of weeks ago, ALIA SNGG QLD hosted a “Resume Review Cafe” at the State Library of Queensland. It was a chance for students and new graduates to have their resume appraised by a library leader and get a chance to meet them face-to-face for some tips. In total we had 19 reviewees and 7 reviewers which was such a fantastic and heartening turn-out.  

A special thanks to the reviewers who gave up their time on a Saturday morning, see the stellar cast below: 

Corrinne Hills (Moreton Bay Regional Libraries)

Maureen Sullivan (Griffith University)

Anna Morris (QLD State Archives)

Anna Raunik (SLQ)

Jane Cowell (SLQ)

Donald Jeffrey (Griffith University)

Joanna Fear (Federal Court of Australia) 

The morning was split into three sessions, everyone was so deep in discussion it was hard to pull people away for the next session! Ideas were exchanged and connections were made over resumes and coffee.  

resume-review-photo-2Are you feeling some Resume Review Cafe FOMO (fear of missing out), don’t worry! Here is a wrap-up of the top-tips we received from our reviewers you can use to make your resume stand out from the rest:

Resume Tips:

1.     Always make sure your resume is up to date, well organised and succinct.

2.     Format is key. Employers can view over 300 resumes at any one time and will often skim through. Have clear headings, white space and spell out acronyms. Use easy to read fonts like Arial (not Times New Roman!), have adequate margins and think carefully about using borders.

3.     Update your resume to best meet the position you are applying for.

  • highlight your experiences including qualifications, training and work that meets the organisation and role requirements. Think about what you want to communicate to your prospective employer. This may mean you tweak your resume for every application, but it’s worth it!

4.     Your resume is your chance to tell your story and put a bit of yourself into it! Show what makes you different from the other applicants. Don’t be concerned if your career has taken some unexpected turns. Weave them into your narrative and turn them into strengths that make you stand out. A stint overseas shows you aren’t afraid to try new things and be adventurous!

5.     Provide facts. Highlight what tasks you have done and achieved and give an idea of the scope and level of competency. For example, instead of saying “delivered basic computer training” put instead “delivered twice weekly basic computer training to groups of up to fifteen.” And make sure to include the skills that made you successful.

6.     Include your digital competencies. Instead of the tired list of Microsoft Office tools you can use put in contemporary software skills including social media. Do you blog or tweet? Include this, employers want to know you are comfortable and competent with current technologies.

7.     Most importantly find a trusted friend of colleague to review your resume. Get them to look for a sense of who you are and what skills you have.

And if you still feel like you’re missing out on something why not take advantage of the ALIA Resume Review Service. This is an online service which allows you to upload your resume and have it reviewed by a professional. The feedback you receive will be tailored to your resume and given back to you within 2 weeks. Please note that to be eligible for this service you need to be an ALIA member and there are a limit to 3 resume reviews per year.

 Do you have any suggestions for future professional development events in Queensland? Please let us know!


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