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by | Jun 8, 2023 | ALIA

This month, our ALIA SNGG team are catching up with past ALIA SNGG Convenors and ALIA SNGG Social Media Coordinators.

Meet Jade KoeKoe aka Misskoko The Librarian who was an ALIA SNGG Social Media Coordinator on Twitter and ALIA ACT SNGG Coordinator.

Jade’s SNGG Story.

Being an ALIA SNGG Twitter Social Media Coordinator allowed me to jump into the deep end of libraryland issues, see what the industry was currently talking about and then share those conversations with students and new graduates. All from the comfort of my desk at home. Being a Twitter Coordinator while studying helped me understand; very quickly; what our industry cared about.

After being a Twitter coordinator of ALIA SNGG and having made a good impression on people at ALIA after networking my butt off at conferences, I accepted the offer to become the ALIA ACT SNGG Coordinator. To which I said yes! Why? Because I could see that, like me, students and new graduates in ACT didn’t have a forum outside of their classroom to get to know people in our industry. And having learned from my own experiences, networking is vital to making lasting connections in libraryland. It was a joy to give others that opportunity.

-MissKoko the librarian

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