Join ALIANewGrads Twitter for their Alia Rainbow #WednesdayWanders:QandA chat!

by | Feb 17, 2023 | ALIA, ALIA SNGG WednesdayWanders:QandA

Sydney WorldPride 🏳️‍🌈 runs from February 17th – March 5th. To celebrate Sydney WorldPride, join the #ALIASNGG Twitter team for a #WednesdayWanders: QandA chat with ALIA Rainbow on Wednesday, March 1st 📚🌈

How can you join the chat?

Twitter users can join @ALIANewGrad’s conversation with @AliaRainbow from 4:00 PM – 8:33 PM (AEDT) 📅⏰

We numbered each question from 1 – 7 with the @AliaRainbow Twitter handle. We have a #WednesayWandersQandA hashtag you can add to your comments for any questions.

Comment example:

WednesdayWandersQandA Question 1/7 for @AliaRainbow.

If you don’t have Twitter, no problem. The Twitter team are sharing ALIA Rainbow’s #WednesdayWandersQandA answers to the WordPress Blog on March 2nd at 2:00 PM (AEDT) to catch up on the chat.

ALIACPD #ProfessionalDevelopment #ALIASNGG #library #WednesdayWandersQandA_ALIARainbow #lgbtqia+

Join @ALIANewGrads for a WednesdayWanders:QandA Twitter chat with @AliaRainbow on Wednesday, March 1st. Time from 4:00PM – 8:33 PM(AEDT) Use the #WednesdayWandersQanA hashtag to join the chat.


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