Our 2023 #GLAMRmatch event may have finished in July – but we enjoy finding professional development opportunities for students and graduates.

Many of you had an interest in the Archives sector. We contacted Archivist Trelawney Williams, a former archivist from the City of Perth, now living in San Francisco in the United States of America, to answer your archive questions.



1. What advice would you give to students looking to find practicum placements in the Archive Sector?

Don’t limit yourself. If you can make it work with family and employment commitments, do something awesome. My friend, who lived in Perth, did a practicum in the UK and in Canberra. My biggest regret is not thinking about the possibilities and picking a place close to my house.

2. What transferable skills are you looking for in an Archive role?

I’m looking for the ability to recognise things that belong together in order to tell a story. I also look for the thought processes that allow you to see when something is missing and the research skills to be able to fill that gap.

3. How did you start working in Archives at the City of Perth?

At the time, City of Perth and Curtin University had a Cadetship collaboration. It was a part time contract for six months that ideally provided students with experience in all areas of recordkeeping/archives. Unfortunately, the program is no longer running, but the Cadetship and perfect timing in terms of permanent staff leaving, meant myself and two cadets after me, all stayed at the City of Perth on new contracts.

4. Do you recommend keeping updated on Archive trends and news?

Yes. Other than being interesting, it’s useful to stay updated on recent developments and upcoming impacts.

5. Would you recommend students, graduates and emerging professionals explore the National Archives of Australia as a physical volunteer to learn to Repack, Describe, Transcribe, Index and Digitise Original records or volunteer online with the National Archives of Australia online transcription portal arcHIVE?

Yes, what an opportunity to improve your own skills and add to your resume, while giving back to the community.  Volunteer with National Archives of Australia online transcription portal arcHIVE

6. Would you recommend joining an Archive Association to build your Archive GLAMR network?

Yes, professional associations are always useful. Australian Society of Archivists, or even RIMPA (Records and Information Management Practitioners Alliance). Take all the opportunities offered – attend events and networking opportunities, volunteer for events, join committees.

I also recommend joining the WAIN webserve (https://lists.curtin.edu.au/mailman/listinfo/wain). It’s very active for job opportunities and sharing advice and information.

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