Join  the ALIA Students & New Graduates Group Facebook Social Media Team!

  • Are you an ALIA Member?
  • Are you enthusiastic and passionate about our profession?
  • Are you looking for a way to contribute to the GLAMR (Gallery, Library, Archive, Museums, Records Management) community?
  • Do you want to meet new people and strengthen your professional network?
  • Have a Facebook account?

If you are a Library and Information Service (LIS) Student, Graduate, LibTech or early-career professional – then this is the opportunity for you! 

ALIA Students and New Graduates Group (ALIA SNGG) are looking for people to join our Facebook Team as ALIA SNGG Social Media Coordinators.

Volunteering as a Social Media Coordinator for SNGG can assist your LIS Workforce Framework Goals   with Professional Knowledge Domain key areas:

  • PK 1: Information Service
  • PK 3: Literacies & Learning
  • PK 4: Technology
  • PK 6:Communities & Stakeholders
  • PK 8: Leadership & Management

 Why join the Facebook team?

Volunteering for ALI Students and New Graduates Group is a great way to grow professional experience. Giving you the opportunity to:

  • grow your technology skills & knowledge of Facebook and Meta Business Suite
  • grow marketing skills creating & scheduling posts 
  • grow creative visual design skills to make posts more accessible
  • learning about social media and library trends to understand what content ALIA SNGG are interested in viewing, sharing or engaging with
  • become part of a ALIA Specialist group that is passionate about assisting students, graduates and information professionals in their careers
  • collaborate with ALIA, ALIA Regional/ Specialist groups  to prmote networking and learng opportunities
  • establish and expand your professional network by liaising with the GLAMR professional community

Plus, you can add the role to your resume/ CV and demonstrate your active engagement in the profession!

Interested in joining?

Joining is easy! Complete the ALIA Students & New Graduates Group Application form

If  you able to Volunteer for the group > Select yes.  Which ALIA SNGG Social Media Team do you want to join? Select  > Facebook

Let us know what state you are from  & make sure to add your ALIA Number. 

Not an ALIA Member?

If you are not an ALIA Member but want to be an ALIA Member visit the Join today page to learn how to join ALIA as a Member, Student or Professional Member.


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