#GLAMRmatch is back for 2023!

Students, Graduates and GLAMR professional join ALIA Students and New Graduates Group for GLAMRmatch 2023.

Are you interested in learning more about a #GLAMR sector?

Finding answers for what skills or experiences are needed in a GLAMR role?

Are you willing to share your knowledge about your work, study or professional experiences?

#GLAMRmatch is an opportunity to build GLAMR connections and learn about each others work or studies.

How do you make a #GLAMRmatch?:

  • Complete our EOI: GLAMRmatch survey via Survey Monkey to help us find your GLAMRmatch.
  • Wait to be emailed the details of your match. Your match will be sent to you after the EOI closes.
  • Arrange a 1 hour video meet-up via (Zoom,Google Meet or Skype).
  • Share recent learnings, advice or GLAMR experiences

Please fill our EOI: GLAMRmatch 2023 survey to help us find your GLAMRmatch.

Please include your email in the #GLAMRmatch 2023 EOI survey to participate in the #GLAMRmatch event.

EOI Close: Friday, June 16th.

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