ALIA Students and New GraduatesSeptember 2017


Welcome to the ALIA Students and New Graduates’ first monthly update!

At the beginning of each month we will update you on what we’re up to and what events you can look forward to.   We will also keep you up to date on the latest from the ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee.

Let us know what you think in the comments, as this is a work in progress.  As the month goes on, we will update this post with any new events for this month, so be sure to bookmark this post and check back throughout the month.

So, without further ado, we present our very first update! Enjoy!



ALIA Students and New Graduates Group Blog

The ACT ALIA Students and New Graduates Group posted about their recent NLS8 Wrap Up event (complete with a Facebook Live video!), be sure to read it here.

The blog team is hard at work creating original content.  We will be publishing some new GLAMR Professional Profiles in the coming months (like the one we published featuring Amy Walkduck earlier in the year) so stay tuned!


ALIA Students and New Graduates Group Facebook

Be sure to check out ALIA New Graduates Group Facebook page to view Facebook Live recordings of several recent ALIA SNGG events including the QLD Inteview Skills Panel, Victorian Interview Skills Seminar and the ACT NLS8 Wrap-up Event.


The New Generation Advisory Committee exists to help strengthen the participation of students and recently graduated library and information professionals in the Association. The Committee provides advice to the ALIA Board of Directors on issues of relevance to students and new professionals. NGAC works to inform the Board with the aim of ensuring the Association’s relevance to these groups.

Last month  NGAC started a dialogue with the ALIA Board on the issue of the impending postal vote on the issue of marriage equality. This has resulted in a formal response and submission from NGAC to the Board, which was submitted on the 16th August. In the interest of transparency for the varied group of individuals that we represent for ALIA, please find attached below our full response to the Australia Marriage Law Postal Vote of November 2017.

Read the full post here.



ALIA NGAC have announced that the theme for the September #auslibchat will be Indigenous services.  Preview the questions here.


September ALIA SNGG Events


vicspring social

Click here for the Spring Social Facebook event.


Check out the ALIA Events Listing page for more ALIA events.


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