ALIA Board 2024 voting open on February 26th!

by | Feb 5, 2024 | ALIA, Professional Development

A board of people.

It’s almost time for the ALIA 2024 Board voting.

Explore the Board Elections 2024 link to read up on the 12 candidates. Read their statements to learn what they want to accomplish as a 2024 ALIA Board Member.

Today, we highlight former ALIA NGAC Member/Co-Chair (NGAC – 2021-22), current LARK Member and ANDPA Co-Founder Emilia Bell.

Emilia looks back at an ALIA Students and New Graduates Group WordPress Blog by former ALIA SNGG QLD Regional Coordinator Alissa Howlett from 2017. (A post that is just as important seven years later). 

This post reflects a need for students and graduates to have an LIS mentor – to provide guidance and support. 

Students and graduates face many barriers on their LIS journey. No barrier will be the same for everyone. Finding a mentor is one thing, but making sure they are the right mentor for you is just as important.


  • By finding the right mentor, you will put your needs first. 
  • Feel comfortable asking questions at any stage of your career.
  • It gives you the chance to learn new professional development skills.


Emilia Bell. (February, 5, 2024). Why I’m standing for the ALIA Board in 2024  

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