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NGAC #AusLibChat October 2022 – Decoding Selection Criteria

1. What are examples of high-level digital literacy skills?

    • Caring about learning new technology & online workflows
    • Show your awareness of online safety & configuring security tools for privacy/cyber security.
    • Experience creating learning/help guides for digital devices/programs/online skills
    • Do you have Copyright or Creative Commons skills
    • Understanding what misinformation & disinformation
    • Can teach people to use ebook/ audio & online database 
    • Is your resume formatted correctly
    • Your online presence is a reflection of you
    2. How do you show awareness of emerging trends/issues in librarianship?
    • Explore if your professional association has a newsletter & subscribe to it Eg. ALIA News and ALIA CPD.
    • Read INCITE magazine
    • Discover events on a public/state library website or social media page Eg. LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook
    • Ask a library manager or GLAMR person to chat about library trends/issues. Join ALIA SNGG #GLAMRmatch. 

3. How do you show experience/knowledge of cataloguing?

    • Indicate your understanding of how catalogue records and metadata are created. 
    • Highligh your attention to detail & transferable skills to show a willingness to learn
    • Experience working with a Library Management System 
    • Understanding of records and privacy standards
    • Share your knowledge of cataloguing from your studies

NGAC #AusLibChat November 2022 – The First Steps – New Careers in Libraries

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  • Skills from studies
  • Transferable skills to integrate into your position



NGAC #AusLibChat June 2022 – Library Research in Practice

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  • Research skills


NGAC #AusLibChat October 2021 – Ask a Mentor

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NGAC #AusLibChat February 2020 – Content Creation

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NGAC #AusLibChat November 2019 – Library Roles

Library Technician, Librarian, Library Officer, Library volunteer


NGAC #AusLibChat October 2018 – New to management 

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  • Management

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NGAC #AusLibChat Innovative Outreach

 How can you promote library programs to stakeholders & the community?